Rushmika Bansal

Mother of Jaiditya and Nandini

From the bottom of my heart, I thank the anchors like Sushmita, Nivedita and Radha who get out of their way to make everyday a new and happy one for all of us. They have always had an excellent attitude towards upbringing and education of the children. Everything is taught in a fun filled environment where teachers are like mothers genuinely interested in every child. There is always a personal touch to the parents and teacher equation where without a hitch you can unfold your own story to them.

Ruchi Singh

(Mother of Ashmeet Singh)

I would like to thank Lopa (Nivedita), Sushmita and Radha who have provided a lot of support and encouragement to learn new things. I will always be thankful to them all my life and I strongly recommend their guidance and care to all the lovely parents who really want their child to be the best in every possible manner.

Shubha Chaturvedi

(Mother of ShauryaChaturvedi)

My son Shaurya Chaturvedi was an ex-student under the care of Radha, Lopa (Nivedita) and Sushmita. We cannot think of anything better happening to a child than getting admission in this school. He was 2 years 2 months when he joined the school. Initially, I was a little bit worried as any other mom whose child is going to school for the first time. But as the time passed, I came to know that Shaurya is in a very loving, caring atmosphere. His teachers were so good that he never had a feeling that he was away from home. He studied till when he wanted to study, he played when he wanted to play. His teachers were very cooperative, very caring. With studies his overall behavior was taken care of. Not only the teachers the helping staff also was so caring that as soon as Shaurya entered the school he used to forget about his home. We can also say it was like a home away from home. I am so thankful to the teachers and the helping staff.